Scene 1: The Decision

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Scene 1:

[A lone spotlight comes up on center stage, revealing a woman in a pant suit, carrying a leather briefcase and a single piece of paper.]


“Why yes, I am very interested in the position.”

[pause, listening and nodding head]


“My goals? I am committed to actively contributing to the success of an organization, increasing in responsibility over time. It is very important to me that I have opportunities to grow personally and professionally, so that I can better meet the demands of my role.”

[Breaks stance, puts paper inside briefcase and sets it down before walking to the front of the stage, talking conspiratorially to audience]


“Of course, what they don’t know is that we are thinking about having kids, and I’m not sure what that means for these lofty ‘goals’ I have always had for myself. Having a successful career is…was important to me, but now…”

[Straps on a pregnant belly pillow and steps back into the scene, pulling a tissue out of the pocket of her pants to wipe her teary eyes.]


“Yes, I have decided to stop working full time to have a baby. I’m excited about it and finding new opportunities…”

[Starts to cry, breaks stance, and walks to front of stage]

“Am I excited about being pregnant? Absolutely. But every time I talk to someone at work, I end up bursting into tears. Is it hormones? Am I not ready for this? Will I ever be ready for this? Because it feels like this…

[A new spotlight emerges, lighting up a safe with a padlock. She takes off her heels and suit jacket, tucks them into the briefcase, and walks over to the safe, tucking them inside and closing the door. Locking the padlock, she takes the key and throws it offstage]

[Lights down]


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