Introducing…31 Moments of Motherhood

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I am a scribbler.

I use the backs of church bulletins, corners of paper placemats, and actual notebook pages (if I am lucky) to scribble my thoughts down. Sometimes those scraps of paper end up in the trash, but many of them I haul around with me. I have a bulletin from about three months ago with an entire discourse about how identity is like a flower, complete with diagrams. More recently, I was…somewhere…who knows where, and I got an idea about writing my motherhood story as if it was short little scenes of a play. Motherhood in 12 Scenes…or something like that. I love the stuff that plays are made up of…lighting and minimalist props and stage directions and blocking…and I’m sure that is why it popped into my head.

Well, I’m not quite sure where that piece of paper ended up, but when I came across the 31 Day Challenge being hosted by The Nester, I thought…”hmmm…maybe I could resurrect that idea”. This of course means that I would have to write 31 scenes…and that ideally I would have started on the first day of the challenge (yesterday), but let’s not quibble over details, shall we?

So, I’m calling it…

Terribly creative, I know. Don’t I look all dramatic and brooding? Perfect for a “one-woman show”? Either that or I’m horribly upset, probably at the kids whining in the back seat, so we’ll go for the former. Sounds better, I think.

It isn’t often that I get my way-out-there scribbles into legible form, so this should be…interesting, eh?

Here goes!

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  1. Very interesting idea!!! motherhood in 31 scenes!

  2. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

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