1000 Gifts: Catching up…

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It has been a while since my last 1000 gifts post. This is not because I haven’t been given many gifts, but I haven’t taken the opportunity to verbalize them. But as I sat down to scribble down a few things, I couldn’t write them fast enough. So many things to be thankful for, so many reminders of God’s provision, and so many reasons to smile.


#554: Feeling settled in our new house…Madi too…

#555: The grass finally starting to fill in around the weeds

#556: Cousin visits

#557: Meeting new neighbors

#558: Our new kitchen table finally arriving

#559: Taking the time to give my time away

#560: Avoiding major injury after Parker fell off his bike

#561: The kids going tubing for the first time…even Fiona…

#562: Giggling kids running all over the house

#563: Late night talks about the Holy Spirit

#564: Sleepovers with old friends

#565: Fiona sleeping through the night…three times this week

#566: The familiar feeling of being back in the school building

#567: Losing my license…but the fee only being $9

#568: Having room for kids to help me in the kitchen

#569: Spontaneous pajama parties with the kiddos

Life is good, right?

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  1. Rachel, I love your gift list and I love your blog! Check out my latest post, I tagged you:)

    • Thanks Jacqui…:) I’ll get right on my post 🙂

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