my new favorite…Mango Salsa!

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This week, I put up a post on Mom Colored Glasses sponsored by the Mango Board, where the kids and I had a blast trying out a bunch of different mango recipes. We actually made a couple “cooking videos”, where the kids helped me make a recipe out of the cookbook that they sent us. We ended up posting the “mango smoothie” video, but one of the cutest clips that didn’t make the cut was when I asked the kids what ingredient we forgot and Parker chimed in, “Love!!” So adorable.

Another one of the recipes I tried…and loved was “Cinco de Mango Salsa”.

The recipe called for 3 mangos, but I used 2 and it worked out just fine. It also called for fresh cilantro, which I left out, because I’m not a huge fan, but you could throw that in there too.

On another note, I also realized (after the fact) that the instructions on each picture are a different shade of white. Nice work, Rach. Either way, it’s still a delicious recipe!

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