Five Minute Friday: Story

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This week’s 5 Minute Friday is all about “story”…just writing, no thinking…


The ceiling fan whipped around lazily, rustling the hot evening air in the kitchen. We sat around the kitchen table, my grandpa, my dad, and I, sipping glasses of water, munching on cookies, and telling stories.

My grandpa’s deep baritone voice, punctuated by hearty chuckles, told the story of when he fell off a stepladder over the winter, injuring his shoulder. His recollection of the one competent member of the EMS crew, the cranky policeman, and the excruciating pain swirled into the night. My dad’s tenor voice chimed in, adding his tales of hospitals and unfortunate ambulance visits to the house when my mom was having panic attacks, and their voices swelled and rose together, melding into a duet, until I added my alto to the story-turned-song, and our story wove together and became a new memory.

Three generations sitting around a table…telling stories into the night.

After they left and went to bed, I sat at the table for a few moments, and I could almost hear my grandpa’s chuckle as I looked around the kitchen. How many stories have been told in this room lined with pictures and plates and history and time? Far too many to count…


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