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Moments with Madi: How to Draw a Rose

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Have you ever wondered how to draw a rose – the right way? Well, there may be more than one way, but I think this way is the best. You see, I learned how to draw a rose from my art teacher at school last year.


1. Draw a spiral like you would do for the top of a lollipop, but leave room underneath it.

photo 1



2. Draw a U connected from one side of the spiral to the other.

photo 2


3. Draw a stem.

photo 3



photo 4


Written by: Madi


Ant farm: Good or bad?

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My brother just got an ant farm. Is that good or bad? I am putting  lists of what’s good about Parker (my brother’s name) getting an ant farm, and what’s bad about Parker getting an ant farm.




  1. Parker spends a lot of time WITH THE ANTS!
  2. My Dad spends a lot of time WITH THE ANTS!
  3. Parker barely seems to notice me!



  1. I HAVE A PET!


With the lists, it probably is bad about the ant farm. But, it is nice to have a pet!:)


Written by: Madi 

Moments with Madi: Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing App Review

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Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing for iPad by Usborne Publishing

$4.99 for iPad



If you are a fan of Usborne sticker dolly dressing sticker books (like me), then you might like the Sticker Dolly Dressing app! (For the iPad  only)

After you press the app, a screen with the newest dolls you made, but in different clothes appear. If you just bought the app, random combinations of dolls appear. Next, you touch a girl.

Then, you get to choose a scene. There are 8 scenes. Once you chose one, you get to dress her. Touch the shirt bubble underneath her. Then you can choose what  they are going to wear. Just drag the things onto her. Touch the hair bubble and you can change her hair style, color of hair, and if you drag the bar you can change the color of her skin. You can also name her! If you touch the pencil, you can drag patterns onto her clothes.


When you finish her,press the arrow.You can move her around the scene. Now, there is another hair bubble. Click that and you can drag more people to the scene.Click the lamp bubble and you can add more background. Click the cat bubble and you can add animals. Last, click the apple button and add food.

You should get this app because it is fun. I like it because it makes noises!

Written by: Madi

Moments with Madi: if only …….

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Sometimes when moms say, “Okay, let’s watch a long movie on the TV.” Sometimes, if you have a boy and girl, they can argue over what to watch, you can answer,”How about Barbie?” It costs money, but you get time to yourself. In our house, when the youngest, Fiona, is sleeping, me and Parker watch Barbie. In quite a few, Barbie is the main character, but she has a different name. If it has Barbie and she’s called Barbie, there just might be a boy. Sometimes it can start off with something and then you might figure out that the main thing is something totally different ! (:

Moments with Madi: Why Mary Poppins?

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You might be thinking, why Mary Poppins and not other things? Well, I’m here to tell you about it.

There are 2 kids that make nannies(babysitters that live with them) leave. The Dad is kinda grumpy, while the mom is protesting so women can vote. The kids names are Jane and Michael. The Dad calls for a strict nanny, and there are lots of them! Suddenly, a strong wind blows them away and Mary Poppins comes out of the sky. They clean up the nursery just by snapping! They go to the park where they jump into a chalk drawing.

To know the ending, watch the movie!

Its good for kids because they would enjoy certain parts, like when they laugh and float up to the ceiling! It’s good for adults because they can enjoy certain parts, like when the chimney sweeps are dancing on the roof (my Mom’s favorite part) and learn how  to be a better parent.

hope you like the movie!

– madi

Moments with Madi: 100 Day of School Projects

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Hi! If you are stumped on hundredth day of school projects,I’m giving you some ideas.


If you want flowers,punch or cut out 10 of 9 colors but on different  pieces of paper.Cut out 10 green flowers  for the stem.Then glue them in a flower shape.

2.Pennies. If you  have a hundred pennies, glue them in a circle.If you have some leftover, use them to make 100 inside it.

3.Paper clips. Get 100 paper clips.Clip them in a chain.

Well, this is all! Goodbye!

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