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Ben and the kids went to a CD release party last night at Kentwood Community Church. Tommee Proffit, guy in his twenties, just released his 3rd CD of contemporary Christian music. He is pretty good…catchy lyrics and a cool vibe.

The event was a mixture of live music, talking to the crowd, and videos showing his journey. On one of the clips, he talked about how his goal isn’t to play in front of sold out arenas, even though that would be nice. His goal is to have the greatest impact on the people he is able to reach with his music.

As I listened to Ben talk about the night (Parker liked it and Madi thought it was too loud), I thought how refreshing it was to hear him take that perspective, instead of measuring success by the dollars in his bank account or by the number of people who buy his CD.

Impact. The word is particularly relevant for me, as I think about hopefully launching a new blog, (, this summer with the help of a few friends and with the contributions of hopefully many of you. It’s not going to replace Circle of Quiet, but I hope for it to be a place where Moms can share their unique point of view as they see the world through “mom colored glasses”.

I’m excited about it…and worried about finding a virtual niche for yet another “mom blog”. Regardless of who reads it? It’s all about impact…and if one person looks at the world a bit differently or is encouraged in this crazy thing called motherhood, then it will be a success.


— Rachel

A place for moms like me…

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“Those who do nothing never make mistakes.”

I like this quote, not because I am terrified of mistakes, but because sometimes I get so caught up in the what and the how that I never “just do it”. While there is definitely a time for planning and strategizing, that can also lead to second guessing and frustration.

Plus, whenever I just jump in, it doesn’t usually prove to be too much of a disaster. I started running on a whim, and that’s worked out for me…other than a sprained ligament that has sidelined me for a month. I scrapbook this way too…if I ever have time to do it, I have to dive in and just see what comes out…it takes me long enough to finish pages as it is!

Well, my next “project idea” was to start a blog for Moms..a place to get encouragement, inspiration, information, and new ideas. I even drafted up a schematic for a possible posting schedule…a different topic area for each day of the week. I was all excited about it…until I started doing some research.

Do you know how many mom-related websites and blogs there are for Moms? Gazillions. This quickly became discouraging in a couple different ways. First of all, every catchy name I came up with seemed to be already taken. My brother-in-law suggested “Moms from the Mitten”…taken. “iMom”…gone. “Mommy Next Door”…yeah, don’t ever try that one out, believe me…

But even more than that, I started to doubt the need for yet another blog. There are so many out there, and good ones to boot, what would warrant the effort? I guess that is the age-old question about starting anything new…opening a restaurant, writing a book, starting a new law firm…why?

Ben helped me with the answer the other day, after we left a discount store in Schoolcraft. He made the observation that you HAVE to be passionate about what you do. He personally wouldn’t get excited about running a discount store, but when it comes to his law firm, it’s an entirely different story.

When it comes down to it, regardless of how many other sites are out there in the blogosphere, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for one more. A place for mom interviews, a place for other moms to contribute their thoughts, passions, and ideas, a place for recipes, a place for encouragement from the Word, a place for moms like me…

So, I don’t know when…or where…but you may see something around the corner. And if you are interested in contributing or being involved in some way, please let me know!

— Post From My iPhone

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