a little bit about me…

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what I do…

Wash dishes.

Take care of my family of five.

Write and edit for Mom Colored Glasses.

Work part-time at my husband’s law firm.

Watch lots of singing & dancing performances in my living room.

Answer e-mail.

Answer more e-mail.

Write reflections on my crazy life…in my spare time.

Wash laundry.

You know…the normal stuff.


(more importantly) who I am…

A wife.

A mother.

A daughter…sister…friend…

A child of God.

A communicator.

A work in progress.


where I write…

In addition to Circle of Quiet, I am a contributing editor at MomColoredGlasses. MCG is an online magazine for moms where we share ideas, information, and inspiration for moms everywhere on a variety of topics ranging from adoption, green living, career, family life, frugal living, recipes, DIY, product reviews, and much more. Personally, I write about children’s books, app reviews, career, family, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

As part of MCG, I have been able to share our “mom perspective” on Fox 17 in Grand Rapids, MI a few times. I wrote about my latest trip to the studio here.


other places I have been published recently…

“Mom Colored Glasses” & “Pinning my Worth on the Eternal”, Praise and Coffee Magazine, Spring 2012

“Transitions”mamalode.com, February 29, 2012

“Farm Days”, Capper’s/Grit Magazine

“Sustaining Employee Engagement: Racing Toward the Future, CFMA Building Profits , March/April 2011


how can I help you?

Advertising space is available in the right sidebar. For rates or if you’d just like to contact me, please email rachelhammond [at] me [dot] com. I am also available to receive and review products and/or books. I will always give my honest opinion, and tell my readers when I did not buy the item myself.

I am also available to speak to your group about blogging, motherhood, or communications-related topics. My background is in training and higher education, both business and theory-related, which means I have boxes of lecture outlines that I would love to be able to use again someday!

Here’s to gaining perspective, capturing memories, focusing on gratitude, and remembering that we are never left alone…

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