the prayer of the inadequate…

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It is easy to feel inadequate.

A kid, aching ankles from growing pains, and all I can do is say that I’m sorry and give her a capful of Tylenol.

A husband, head pounding from stress, and all I can do is bring a glass of water and close the shades.

A friend, heart breaking from loss and pain, and all I can do is try to murmur the right words and pray the right prayers.

A world, hungry and tired, lost and needing to be found, and whatever I do seems like not enough.

I feel so useless while the struggling world around me feels so irreparably broken. Disease, pain, hurt, discord, misunderstanding, heartache, and loss…

And so I pray the prayer of the small, the weak, and the inadequate.

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Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me.

Give me Eyes that turn away from myself and see the hurt around me.

Give me Willing Hands to serve without wanting anything in return.

Give me Words to speak for the mute and to speak Truth to the broken.

Give me a platform to stand on and to shout Your words without Fear.

Give me comfort so I can give comfort to others.

My meager offerings are but Loaves and Fish, Prayer and Compassion, but please take them, bless them, and turn them into sweet incense that fills the nostrils of God.

I may be inadequate, but let me not forget that there is nothing too small…nothing too insignificant…that doesn’t add to Your beautiful story of restoration. A simple prayer laid bare the floor of the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross unscathed. A simple prayer sent fire from heaven to consume Elijah’s parched offering. A simple prayer can soften hearts and transform lives.


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