in(RL) is coming back in 2013…and my post is featured today!

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Earlier this year, I spent an afternoon with a small group of women participating in the very first live webcast in(RL) event hosted by (in)courage. Afterwards, I wrote…

“I left some of my insecurities behind in that room, replaced by the supple skin of Truth. Love God and love others, and do it well. It felt good to refocus on what is important. Not because it is good for me, but because it is what we are called to do.”

in(RL) is coming back this year – April 26 – 27 – and it’s FREE! (in)courage is counting down the days until registration for the (in) real life conference goes live on January 14th, and  they are featuring some of the posts written about last year’s event leading up to that date. Mine went live…today!

Check it out here…and sign up on the 14th!


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