Scene 26: The First Day

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[Lights come up on a woman standing holding a pair of sunglasses and a camera.]


[Yelling offstage] “Come on sweetie, I want to get to school early so we can take a few pictures!”

[Walks toward audience.]


“It’s the first day of school, and I don’t quite know how to feel. It is difficult to be strong enough to admit that your kids need something that you can’t give them. That they need the socialization of a classroom environment. That they can flourish under the tutelage of talented people that aren’t you.”


“But the day comes, with squeaky new shoes and crisp back-to-school haircuts, and all you can do is swallow hard, take a few snapshots, and wave a happy goodbye as they walk into school.”

[Looks towards stage right.]


“Ready to go?”

[Puts sunglasses on.]


[Aside, to the audience] “To hide the tears welling up in my eyes, of course. At least until I get back to the car and accidentally open the sliding door for a kid who isn’t there to jump in. That’s when the real tears will come.”

“It’s show time.”

[Strikes a happy pose and heads to stage right, offstage. Lights down.]

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