Scene 25: The Road Trip

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[Lights come up on a woman sitting in a chair with a bag at her feet.]


“Everyone ready to go? Okay…let’s pray before we leave. ‘Dear God, help us to survive this nine hour trip without whining, crying, traffic, or carsickness. Amen'”

[Pulls bag to her.]


“This is everything we will need for our trip.”

[Pulls out each item as she mentions it.]

“iPad with brand new Disney Jr. episodes loaded onto it.”

“Leapster Explorer with extra batteries.”

“Nook Color all charged up and ready to go.”

“Water for two kids.”

“Juice for the other kid.”

“Snacks. Lots of them.”

“Books for when I feel guilty about the electronic devices.”

“Tylenol for the crick in my neck from turning around.”

“Sea bands for my carsick-prone kiddo.”

“Carsickness kit if the sea bands don’t work.”

“DVD player for when the rest of the electronic devices lose their appeal.”

“Paper and crayons.”

“A pile of activity books we won’t use.”

“Random gadgets and toys.”

“Everyone’s blankies.”

“Backup blankies.”

“Change of clothes if we miss the rest area bathrooms.”

“Baby wipes.”

“Car Bingo.”

Music CDs…Patch the Pirate, Mickey Mouse, and Veggietales.”

“More Tylenol for after listening to Mickey Mouse for two hours straight.”

“Headphones for the 10th viewing of Imagination Movers.”

[Stops. Takes a breath. Sighs.]


“And then…we stop for lunch.”

[Lights down.]

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