Scene 24: The Bathroom – Part 2

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[Lights come up on a closed toilet facing stage right, with a free-standing door in front of it, wide open. Woman on a phone comes walking onstage, plugging her ears as she tries to talk to someone on the other end of the line.]


“Hello? What did you say? Yes, I have an account with AT & T…”

[aside, in a loud stage whisper] “Kids…I’m trying to talk on the phone…can you please go wrestle somewhere else?”

“What? Hello?!?”

[Goes through bathroom door, closes it, and sits down on the toilet.]


“Yes, I’m here. I have a question about a charge on my bill.”

Kid [offstage]

“I have to go to the bathroom! I have to go to the bathroom!”

[Stands up, leaves bathroom to let kid go inside, and closes door.]


“My account number? Let me find that…” [walks offstage] 

[Comes back, plugging ears again, and goes back inside bathroom.]


“I couldn’t find my account number, can you find it another way?”

[Loud knocking]


Never mind.

[Hangs up. Lights down.]

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