Scene 22: The {Failed} Balancing Act

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[Lights come up on a woman holding a wooden pole with a bucket hanging from each end. One is full of home-related items like Windex, laundry detergent, baby toys, and groceries and the other is overflowing with paperwork, a leather briefcase, and various electronic gadgets.]


Three kids and a husband. A couple part-time jobs. Volunteering at school. Reading my Bible. Managing the house. Relationships. Birthday presents. iPhone updates. Grocery shopping. Watering the plants. Scrubbing the toilets. Ironing. Writing blog posts. Volunteering at church. Funding school lunch accounts. Cooking dinner.

[Starts to stagger under the weight of the wooden pole.]


Finding a flexible career path. Determining educational needs for kids. Making homemade birthday treats. Leading multiple Bible studies. Contributing to the household income. Finding extra-curricular experiences for kids.

Doing it all and doing it perfectly.

[Falls down to her knees.]


Overdrawn lunch accounts. Library Fines. Forgetting speech rubrics at home. Snapping at the kids. Exhaustion.  Neglected relationships. Last minute birthday gifts. Over-stimulation. Wilted plants. Undone tasks. Too many jobs. Not enough time. Defeated. Overwhelmed. Imperfect.

[Pushes off the weight and it clatters to the floor. Digs Bible out from the bottom of one of the buckets and opens it up.]



[Lights down.]

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