Scene 19: The Short Order Cook

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[Lights come up on a woman standing behind a counter with a variety of breakfast supplies scattered on the counter.]


“As much as I told myself that I was not going to become a “short order cook” to my kids,
this is what my breakfast routine has turned into…”[starts to assemble each meal]

“One slice of crunchy peanut butter toast with the crust cut off, orange juice, and a ‘spooky orange danimal’ for kid one.”

“Two buttermilk waffles with butter, milk with a sippy top, and a ‘red danimal’ for kid two.”

“One milk chocolate Carnation shake for kid three.”

“Gummi vitamins for everyone.”

[Plops everything down in a nice neat row.]

“Order up, kids!”

“It is more than a little bit ridiculous.”

“Why do I do it? WHY?”

[Walks around to the front of the counter, grabs a waffle, and takes a bite.]


“Those kids. They are my greatest joy…and my greatest exhaustion.”

“And it’s almost time for snack already….”

[Lights down]

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