Scene 13: The Name

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[Lights come up on a woman standing alone.]

Pediatrician [from offstage]

“Okay, Mom, what questions do you have about your two-year-old?”

Husband [from offstage]

“Go see your Mom to get your face wiped off.”

Child [whining, from offstage]

Mom, I need you!

Woman [from offstage]

Do you have any coupons, bottle slips, or gift cards?

[Pause; woman shakes head “no”.]

Oh…quite the family you have there, Mom. You must be busy.

Child [confused, from offstage]

Mom, where are you???

Older Man [from offstage]

You have beautiful children, Mom.

Child [frantically, from offstage]



“I love being a mom, but sometimes I just want to be called by my real name.”

[Lights down]

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