Five Minute Friday: Change

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This week’s 5 Minute Friday is all about “change”…just writing, no thinking…


We walked through the lines of cheerleaders into the school, frenzied with activity. Balloons, tables with piles of paperwork, the smell of popcorn in the air, kids dashing up and down the hallways, and plenty of new faces.

Trudging around the corner, laden down with our bags of school supplies, we tracked down each kid’s classroom. Found their desk, met their teacher, grabbed more paperwork, signed up on one more volunteer form, checked out the lockers.

It was busy, loud, and everything was new. New classrooms, new lunch program, new murals, new children’s garden, new haircuts, new everything. Madi wanted to go out to the playground – maybe thinking it would be predictably the same – but there were changes out there too. The tire swing had been adjusted to be lower…and she noticed.

My Mom and Madi sat on a playground bench for a good 30 minutes while she sobbed about everything being “different”. Change can be hard on a seven-year-old, at least until she has a bowl of ice cream in front of her. I don’t blame her; I’m not so good with change either, and I told her so. It’s messy, unfamiliar, and can give you a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

But as with all things, the new slowly becomes normal, the noise turns into a dull roar, and you settle in for the long haul. Hang in there, kiddo. You are in for quite the year.


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  1. Hello Rachel:)
    Great name by the way!! Your right change can become messy and scary. Oh how we all fuss about change then at the right moment peace comes along. It’s like falling back into the arms of Jesus with our childlike faith, and letting Him carry us through.
    Hope your girl has a fantastic year!!

    • Rachel…good point – remembering to focus on Jesus during change instead of ice cream 🙂

  2. Oh so sweet…I can totally empathize with her too…we all need a good bowl of ice cream to go with change! 😉 It’s hard no matter how old you are!!

    • Charissa – thanks for your thoughts – and yes, ice cream makes everything better!

  3. Seeing change through the eyes of my kids has given me a lot more grace for the process. And ice cream makes everything better;)

    • I agree – my kids make me look at everything differently!

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