Five Minute Friday: Enough

Posted by on Jul 21, 2012 in Five Minute Friday, motherhood, perspective | 2 comments

This week’s 5 Minute Friday is all about “enough”…just writing, no thinking…


I sit on the couch, every muscle in my body aching from moving countless boxes and bins into rooms and hallways, storage closets and playrooms. Projects pop out of every corner as I walk through the empty rooms – shelves there, shower bar here, collage there – and I wish that my body could move twice as fast.

I sit at the table, scribbling my to-do list on slips of paper, trying to capture the responsibilities of a busy family. Tasks that never seem to get done, overdue thank you notes, and a pile of magazines to flip through gets simply dumped in the trash. No time, unless I stay up all night.

I look at my kids and feel defeated. We don’t spend enough time working on writing Parker’s numbers the right way, we are behind on Madi’s piano lessons, and Fiona follows me around with a stack of stories to be read. We dash to activities and play dates, shopping and gas stations, trying to visit family and friends, and fall into bed exhausted and overtired.

Enough? Today it doesn’t feel like it.


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  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of the struggles of parenting and life and how they are so intertwined. . . I can totally relate! 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement…and for stopping by!

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