Day 14: Gunnar Challenge

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I came into The Gunnar Challenge with no expectations. I just wanted to get back on track with my fitness and food after a long winter of stress, sedentary living, and sickness.

Two weeks in, I am surprised with my progress. Not only have I lost some weight, but even better, I have lost some inches. And even more importantly, I have gained confidence in my ability to make better decisions about food. My status quo is to not pay attention to what goes into my mouth, which is okay sometimes, but not all of the time, right? I do have to say that I’m glad I can add my own foods into the diary, not just the recipes they include, because my kids complain about the kid-friendly food I make, let alone super-healthy food.

I have also enjoyed the workouts that are included in the challenge. They are easy to do in my living room, but are difficult enough that I walk away feeling tired out. The sets of bench dips off the edge of my couch? Whew. The 5×5 circuit that I almost didn’t finish? Tough stuff.

Six weeks left, and I’m up for the challenge. Bring it on.

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