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Today I took my carload of baskets…

…grabbed my 12 page MapQuest direction packet and a container of orange slices, and hit the road. I always have huge expectations about my multi-tasking abilities during this delivery escapade. I think to myself, “Wow – four hours in the car – I can strategize about next year, ponder my Christmas present list, and brainstorm about my long-term goals.” What I forget is that between jumping out of the car every 10 minutes or so at yet another business park and making sure I don’t miss any turns, it is just about all I can do to get the baskets delivered.

But, I did accomplish a few things:

1. I listened to an entire episode of Fresh Air. This requires a major celebration, because 1) I love listening to Fresh Air, and 2) I usually only catch about three minutes before the kids yelp for me to turn on “kid music”. Job well done, Rach.

2. I listened to my first batch of Christmas songs. In all the busyness lately, I didn’t realize they had started playing it! This is also a big deal, because 1) I also love listening to Christmas music, and 2) There seems to be some backlash against starting to celebrate Christmas too early, but I would probably listen to Christmas music all year round if I could. Plus, I just love belting out “White Christmas” with Bing.

3. I decided that I am pro-receptionist. This is kind of out of vogue, considering most of the businesses I visited had a bell to ring or an extension to call instead of a human being. However, I had some tough questions for the empty lobbies. Why doesn’t anyone want to work out there anymore?  Why does everyone look so surprised when they come out to see why the bell is dinging? Ben’s office has a lobby without a receptionist (for now), and I think I might sit out there if I’m working to make those visitors feel at home.

4. I consumed half a container of orange slices. A perennial favorite of mine. Aren’t you proud?

5. I didn’t get lost – not once. That is a HUGE accomplishment for this kinda-sorta directions-challenged type of person. It’s true. But wow, does MapQuest do a good job of taking a huge list of stops and re-ordering them in the best possible way. I found myself on all sort of random roads and shortcuts to get me where I needed to go, but I got through it in enough time to hit the carpool lane at school.

6. I pondered why people kept telling me to “have fun” while I delivered the baskets, like the job is all tootsie pops and cotton candy. I suppose it was a bit better than a kick in the pants, but I won’t be applying for a delivery position anytime soon. They have a tough, tiring job those delivery folks, that is for sure. Plus they have to look at a lot of empty lobbies…

7. I wondered if I would have been treated differently if they knew that I wasn’t just the delivery girl, but worked at the firm and actually made the gift baskets. Maybe next year I will wear a Hilger Hammond jacket with a name tag that says “Rachel Hammond, Gift Basket Maker” and see what happens.

No Christmas lists, no amazing insights, no strategic planning…just a sigh of relief and a sore hip flexor. Baskets 2011 is in the books, baby.

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